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Want training on demand? We created this online DIY training to be available whenever and wherever you and your team are. Elevate your training initiatives with our comprehensive virtual training courses, easily accessible at your convenience. Whether you're seeking tailored training for various departments or looking to ramp up your already incredible team, you've come to the right place.

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A Message from Kiera:

“If you’re a practitioner who isn’t looking for consulting just yet—but rather tools, advice, and best practices you can take and run with to accelerate all or certain areas of your practice then this virtual training offering is for you. The Kick-Start  Bundle includes courses that will transform how your practice operates. Practices that utilize the skills they learn from the Kick-Start bundle benefit from full practice systemization, maximized case acceptance, profit-boosting, team accountability, and much more. I would ask you to seriously consider the bundle, it’s almost $2,000 in savings for you and will give you peace of mind that every aspect of your training needs is covered. However, if you prefer to individualize, we have that available as well.”

Kiera Dent

Founder & CEO, Dental A Team

Buy Kick-Start Virtual Training and Save almost $2,000.

Our platform equips you with the tools to empower your team’s growth, offering a wealth of resources, including:

  • Immersive written content
  • Engaging video training modules
  • Downloadable workbooks and forms for practical application
  • Action items and quizzes to reinforce knowledge after each module
  • A diverse array of topics covering management strategies, overhead control, team morale, and hiring techniques,

And it’s all AGD Pace accredited for CE credits!

This comprehensive bundle includes:

  • Dental Hygienist Training
  • Dental Assistant Training
  • Dental Billing Training
  • Hiring Dental Staff
  • Dental Office Manager Training
  • Dental Scheduling Training
  • Dental Treatment Plans Training
  • Dental Office Operations Manual Basic Training
  • Team Training Video Library
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Buy A La Carte

Do you find yourself in a situation where you require just one or two specific programs, and you’re not quite ready to commit to a full bundle? At times, you might not need the entire package, but only the tools that address your immediate needs. In such cases, we offer you the flexibility to pick and choose the programs you need, precisely when you need them. With the option to create your own custom course bundle, you can tailor your selection to cater to your most pressing problems, ensuring a more personalized and efficient solution for your unique requirements.

Dental A Team hygienist performing X-rays on a patient.

Dental Hygienist Training

In this course, dental hygienists can pick up new skills that will boost your dental practice’s profitability and overall value. We’ve got you covered on everything from perio to diagnostic imaging and top-notch patient communication.


Dental Hygienist Training
Dental A Team Assistant Training with a Doctor and the Patient.

Dental Assistant Training

You asked, and we delivered! Train your dental assistants in less than 4 weeks. This course is great for training new assistants, training the front office on dental terminology and dental processes, and advancing your dental assisting department.


Dental Assistant Training
Office manager sitting at the front desk of a dental practice, talking with a patient.

Dental Office Manager Training

Office managers are the glue of any dental practice, it’s time to provide them with the training they deserve. This comprehensive 12-week course comprises 8 modules, training your office manager on hiring and firing, billing and scheduling essentials, team leadership, and a whole lot more.


Dental Office Manager Training
Doctor discussing treatment plans with his patient.

Dental Treatment Plans Training

This training course is meant for you to learn the abilities needed to write and present a treatment plan effectively in this course. We show you exactly how to present in a persuasive, caring manner. 


Dental Treatment Plans Training
Billing specialist smiling and discussing financing with a patient.

Dental Billing Training

This billing course is here to take you through the basics and share some tips and tricks on all things insurance and finance. We’ll break down each step of the billing process, making that billing mountain a whole lot easier to conquer.


Dental Billing Training
Front office staff member scheduling with a patient.

Dental Scheduling Training

Hectic days become even more challenging with an unorganized schedule. This scheduling course is intended to almost immediately pay for itself. We go over how to handle cancellations, rescheduled appointments, how to convert new patients, and so much more.


Dental Scheduling Training
Doctor interviewing two dental candidates in the lobby of his practice.

Hiring Dental Staff

Are you tired of going through the wrong people at your dental office? This self-paced course was developed to help you find, hire, and keep your own dream team. You can finally achieve the smooth-running practice you’ve always envisioned.


Hiring Dental Staff Training
Doctor and Kiera Dent talking while looking over clipboards.

90-Day Operations Manual Creation

Utilizing our 750-page manual templates, finish your operations manual in 90 days. With our pre-made job descriptions, checklists, accountability agreements, and MORE, you can save time and money.


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90-Day Operations Manual Creation

Craft your operations manual effortlessly in 90 days using our 750-page customizable operations manual. Benefit from significant time and cost savings with our ready-to-use job descriptions, checklists, accountability agreements, and a wealth of other valuable resources.

Kiera Dent talking with doctor while holding clipboards.

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Team Training Video Library

Only available with Consulting purchase.

161 short team training videos that will help your team get off to a fast start and save you time and money.

Training Categories:

  • Office Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Biller
  • Treatment Coordinator
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Assistant


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