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033: How to Get PAID! Insurance tips with Donna Dinette

Kiera welcomes Donna Dinette who emphasizes the simplicity of getting a 97-98% return rate on your insurance claims! It is all about knowing what the insurance companies want as well as being sincere and confident when speaking with your patient. Kiera and Donna lay out useful instructions for getting paid by insurance companies and patients. Here are a few samples you’ll learn in the episode:

  • Get to know insurance companies well
  • Create a form and checklist for each company
  • Send articles with each claim that provides proof of standard care
  • Keep the patient’s credit card on file- THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND ON BILLING!
  • Call patient over the phone instead of mailing bill- efficiency in the making
  • Collect and bill daily

By taking Donna’s advice, you will be surprised by how fast you get results!

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