054: Marketing: Give it Enough Time to Work, but Not Too Much to Destroy

Lauren Edvalson, CEO of Edvalson Marketing, shares a ~ton~ of marketing goodness in this episode. Her number one tip? Communication! That’s communication between the doctor and the marketing company, the doctor and the team, and the office and the community. How many times has your business written a check to a random marketing company and then never talked again? Lauren and Kiera talk about the difference between advertising and marketing, why National Tooth Fairy Day is important (it’s coming up in August, people!), and how to level-up your entire team when it comes to closing a call.

Before starting her own business, Lauren worked as marketing director for a $30 million company. During her five years there, she grew the company to $50 million by expanding services and expertly navigating the digital world of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). Motherhood turned Lauren to creating Edvalson Marketing, which she’s grown organically 100% through referrals. Check out Lauren and her team at www.edvalsonmarketing.com.

Edvalson Marketing manages The Dental A Team’s Instagram (which you should follow, of course). Head over to www.TheDentalATeam.com for more!



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