061: Battling Human Nature with Quarterly Team or Leadership Meetings

Mark and Kiera are reunited! In this episode, the two discuss quarterly calibration meetings for team members. Did you know human nature causes us to fall off track of our goals after 90 days? Quarterly meetings can help keep your office focused, especially when Kiera and Mark are involved and calibrated language is used.

Mark shares what it means to have productive meetings using the PITA method:

  • Present & Participation
  • Intention
  • Time
  • Agenda

Kiera discusses the 8-hour meeting she held just that day, including why the hour-and-a-half spent on office morale was the best conversation they could’ve had.

The two also pour their hearts out on the implementation of AirPods in their lives. This episode + more at www.TheDentalATeam.com.




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