062: Dental Nachos!

Kiera is fresh off a Dental Nachos event, and she’s sharing a big take-away: the differences between doctors and team members. Folks, it’s time to align perspectives once and for all — the right dental team helps a business grow and be more profitable.

  1. A few steps to getting there:
  2. Talk numbers and be okay with it
  3. Build goals together
  4. Motivate your team (and be creative about it!)
  5. Appreciate an outside perspective

It boils down to this: Doctors, if you don’t have a profitable practice, you are not a good leader or owner. If you have a business, you should be making money; if not, it’s just a hobby. Give this episode a listen and Kiera will walk you through how the above steps will help grow your business and the community working around you.

More episodes on owning or working in a successful dental practice are just a click away at www.TheDentalATeam.com.




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