066: Teaching Your Team to Flex

Today’s episode is a lovely dose of summer-lovin’ with Summer Kassmel! How can you establish a goal-oriented office? Kiera and Summer lay down their own tips, including Summer’s unique approach when her team almost-but-not-quite hit all four of their May goals. Instead of letting it slide, she gathered the group around for discussion — what went wrong? How could the team learn? Solutions came from all corners!

A few tips to get your own teams motivated:

  1. As a leader, know your vision
  2. Give your team the tools to reach those goals
  3. When goals aren’t met, use it as a learning opportunity
  4. Take ownership as leader

Remember: An effective office trickles down from the leader. Kiera closes with a great canoe race example that shows how important good leaders are.

Interested in seeing Kiera and Summer and other professional women in the dentistry field live? Attend the Women Dentists Connect event this October in Scottsdale, AZ! Details can be found at www.WomenDentistsConnect.com/wdc-event

As always, head to www.TheDentalATeam.com for more podcast episodes! 





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