072: Dentist- ing in 2019

Doctor Paul Goodman is BACK and talking with Kiera about dentistry connections in our modern age. Ever heard the phrase “Everybody wants to be successful until they see what it actually takes”? That’s the topic of this episode. Paul and Kiera discuss influencing as a dental practice team member, and why people aren’t talking as much about what it takes to succeed; the duo is pushing for getting more people in rooms to talk things out!

No matter what phase of life you’re in, no matter what position you have in your practice, find people who’ve been where you are and have pushed through it. Use them as inspiration. After all, that’s often how best practices and best lifestyles are shared.

For the ladies listening, come to Women Dentists Connect, taking place in Scottsdale, AZ this October! And for more Nacho goodness from Doctor Goodman, there are always extra servings. Other dentistry topics you can find at www.TheDentalATeam.com.




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