101: Upcoming Live Events: Magic That Reaches Your Core

The best dental duo out there is back! Mark and Kiera have a ton of great tidbits to share during this episode, including Kiera’s recent experience at a Tony Robbins event, how a couple words can totally change your success rate of hiring, and all the awesome events happening this fall!

  • Women Dentists Connect, October 11-12 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Such topics as work-life balance, mannerisms, asking questions will be discussed + powerhouse speakers (including Mark!).
  • Case Acceptance Event, November 7 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Learn how to improve your case acceptance and scheduling in your office.
  • Mastermind Meeting, November 8-9 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Elite members only! Become one today.

Just as there’s a difference between listening to your favorite singer and seeing him/her live in concert, these live events provide spaces for synergy and support. Sign up today, and continue to follow along with us as we maximize being part of The Dental A-Team!  



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