110: The Power of Proximity

Listening to the Dental A-Team Podcast is good. Very, very good.

Attending a live DAT event is even better!

Kiera and Tiffanie hosted their phone skills and scheduling event in Indiana, and shared the following tidbits with the group:

  1. What it means to LEVEL UP! Whether you’re high energy or “cool as a sunset,” make sure you’re in your peak state when talking with clients.
  2. Mark Costes' 3 E’s: Empathy, energy, and edification.
  3. Don’t get stuck in patterns! Try mystery calls into your office and record the samples (Kiera uses Zoom; other options include the Weave phone system and Patient Prism for new patient-reviewed phone calls). Then learn from them.
  4. Master scheduling with high productivity periods first thing in the morning and right after lunch.

Interested in more information about what went down at the event? Email hello@thedentalateam.com with questions or just to say hello! We love our fans!

Upcoming live events include:

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January 24-25, 2020 in Scottsdale, AZ: Voices of Dentistry-- See Kiera Dent speak LIVE!

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