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116: Office Autopsy: Two Practices with an Expansion on the Rise

Kiera is fresh off a visit from a multi-practice, and she’s giving a quick autopsy. This practice currently has 5 doctor operatories, 6 hygiene operatories, two satellite locations, and is about to bring on another. Oh, and they’re planning to expand their current location to a 19-operatory practice. Whew!

Some of the topics addressed in their quarterly meeting were…

  • A lack of focus on the flagship practice
  • Establishing co-leads
  • Becoming idea-generating machines
  • Defining your flagship’s 1-, 3-, and 10-year goals

This multi-practice had its best two months EVER during quarter 3, but in order to keep momentum, they have to keep pushing the envelope. What can you implement from this episode? What is your battle plan? This episode will help you become that A-Team practice.

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