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123: Managing Multiples- 4 locations and still Smiling with Jennifer Abshier

Kiera’s met a lot of stellar people in her world travels, and as listeners know, she likes to get ‘em on the podcast to share tricks of the trade. In this episode, Kiera’s joined by Jennifer Abshier, practice administrator for The Dentists at Hillsborough in Omaha, NE. Jennifer rose through the practice ranks, starting as a dental assistant and now overseeing four different locations!

Jennifer shares the advantages (patient accommodation and internal referrals) and disadvantages (communication and navigating lots of opinions) of having such a large practice, and really emphasizes the importance of systems (see episode #73, Copying McDonald’s Systemization). She encourages staying humble, networking, making things fun, and recharging during the hard times.

Jennifer is a big-time Dental A-Team listener, and you should be too! Head over to for lots of dentistry goodness.



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