125: Accountable Teams Don't Just Happen

The dazzling Debbie Dodson is back again-- remember, she is Dr. Summer Kassmel’s right-hand woman and regional manager! Debbie breaks down the reality of holding people accountable, specifically department heads.

When it comes to actually selecting who will fill the big shoes of heading departments, Debbie suggests the following tips:

  1. Pick people who want it — really, really want it. If you select someone who wants it, they’ll take the necessary steps to get things done successfully.
  2. Set clear expectations, and establish them early.
  3. Collect reports nightly and weekly
  4. Hold monthly department head meetings and monthly team meetings.

Tune in as Kiera and Debbie talk about creating cultures of delegation in your offices, and why this is absolutely fundamental to having a successful practice.

Looking for more from Debbie? Check out episode #119, A Unique Spin to Holding People Accountable.




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