126: Dentistry Side Hustle- Real Estate

Remember Friend? He’s a dental student in Kentucky, and he’s been on a few times before to ask Kiera lots of questions about the life of a dentist so he can be the best dentist for his team when he graduates!! YES-- he is looking for his future team now!!

In THIS episode, Kiera and Friend are switching roles — she’s tapping his brain for answers about the world of real estate!

That’s right, as Friend goes through dental school, he’s using real estate to help fund his education and life. The two discuss how real estate can serve as a side cash flow either now or later (hellooooo, retirement), how to find the ideal demographic, and multi-family vs. single-family homes.

The biggest question, of course, is figuring out your WHY. Reverse engineer your goal — what do you want and why do you want to do it? Listen up as Friend answers Kiera’s questions, and keep an eye out for future episodes on this topic!

In the meantime, visit www.TheDentalATeam.com for past podcast episodes.




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