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130: Office Autopsy: Beating the Scarcity Mindset

In the latest autopsy of a practice, Kiera is sharing her experience with a small, start-up practice — when she first met them, they were a few months into ownership with one front office person, one assistant, one hygienist, and one doctor. The doctor was fearful of overhead, finances, the amount of payments … he had a scarcity mindset (believing there’d never be enough). Kiera’s autopsy approach: expanding and thinking bigger. And in the two months since she’s worked with them, they’ve doubled their production!

Here’s a few tips on how Kiera coached them, and how she continues to do so:

  • Know your numbers
  • Hire additional staff or outsource duties (billing, etc.)
  • Establish end-of-day huddles, systems, and morning huddles
  • Focus on marketing (have two freebie ideas + one cheap one; ideas in the episode!)

This practice now has goals to hire an additional hygienist in the next three months, plus hire a float for set days/times. Practices out there … you might not be a brand-new start-up practice, but there are lessons and tips you can take away from this episode. Kiera’s challenge to you is to autopsy your life. How can you better yourself and your practice? This episode will help, as will other ones at



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