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133: What Drives You: Cost, Longevity, Function, or Cosmetic

Listen, Kiera has been around the block with dental practices. She’s seen pretty much all there is. But one thing stood out recently in one of her offices, specifically with the hygienists. When the patient came in, the hygienist asked the following: “Hey (name), I want to know of these four items — cost, longevity, function, or cosmetic — what your main priority is coming to the dentist?”

The answer to that question means the doctor can form a treatment plan according to the patient’s priorities. BOOM, life-changing! Another good question to ask: How would you like to receive your information, in bullet points or paragraphs?

Asking these questions can help your practice cater to your patients’ needs, wants, and priorities. Up goes patient happiness, up goes case acceptance.

Kiera’s challenge for you with this episode is to test out these questions on your patients! Try it for 6 weeks and see how things go. Then, let Kiera know all about your success at [email protected]! Good luck!



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