136: Deep Dive on Bonuses with Dr. Deren Flesher

Episode 112, Dental Gold Mine, was our most-downloaded episode ~ever~, so what did we do? We invited Dr. Deren Flesher back! Here, you’ll hear him talk to Kiera all about bonuses and why his methods are so successful that even Kiera wants to hear more. A few nuggets from their conversation:

  • If your practice isn’t making extra money, there’s no money for bonuses
  • A bonus isn’t awarded for just showing up and doing your job
  • How to create bonus goals for your different departments (for example, with hygiene, pair fluoride success with sealants — Dr. Flesher tells you how!)
  • Verbiage to entice patients to commit to sealants
  • Reverse-engineering bonus amounts + suggestions for how often to bonus
  • And so much more!

This episode is truly another gold mine full of great information for practices. And then there’s the time-saving offer of Modento, a voicemail service from Dr. Flesher that will change. your. life. Think about it: Automatic and personalized post-op calls to your patients that go STRAIGHT to their voicemail. Plus, it’s now available as an iOs app and is browser-based! More information on Modento here.. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Dr. Flesher at [email protected], or you can email US at [email protected].




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