140: Hygienists, Maximize Your 60 Minutes (with Kristen Shepherd)

First she talked about upping fluoride acceptance.

Then she walked us through doctor calibration.

NOW Kristen Shepherd is back to chat increasing hygiene production. Doctors, owners, are you wary about sharing production numbers and office goals with your team? Kristen talks with Kiera about why you shouldn’t be, and the teamwork that comes out of being transparent. She also shares her secret when it comes to have a mindset dedicated to your patients’ well-being. Such tips include…

  • Put starting/ending production goals on your schedule every single day
  • Look for fluoride opportunities
  • Convert same-day SRPs without compromising patient care
  • Discuss financial arrangements in morning huddle

Kiera said it best when she shared her wish for tons of Kristen clones! Kristen is a wonderful hygienist to emulate, and she’ll surely be back on the podcast soon enough. If you haven’t heard her other episodes, check out 92: 37% to 97% Fluoride Acceptance in Just 3 Months! and 120: Hygienists: Tee ‘em Up.




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