147: Is YOUR Front Office Killing Your Practice?

Fact #1 about Kiera Dent: She travels a lot. And because of all the cramped airplanes, she’s been dealing with knee and hip pain. The journey of her pursuing physical therapy for this pain resulted in some major eye opening experiences that every dental office (and medical care provider) should be aware of.

Experience #1: Right out of the gate, Kiera’s physical therapist planted the seed of appointments being too expensive. This made Kiera question how often she wanted to come in and pay, even though she originally didn’t care about price.

Experience #2: Cancellation policy and putting the blame on the patient. Kiera called ahead to see if the office could fill her appointment slot, noting she hadn’t received her recommended exercises after the previous appointment. Instead of apologizing for a lack of customer service, the woman on the phone jumped down Kiera’s throat.

So that begs the question, what’s going on in YOUR practice that might need some fine-tuning? Are your team members humanizing their patients? Are they listening to what the concerns are? Are you pursuing stories or facts?

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