156: Case Study: Fundamental Leadership 101

156: Case Study: Fundamental Leadership 101

It’s leadership pow-wow time! Kiera is talking with Dr. Bill Keith and Ashley Keith, her case study out of Kansas City, about how to be a forward-thinking office that excels in leadership. Topics include why having a third-party expert come in is helpful; how to see a need and delegate effectively; and what it means to let go of control (in a good way!).

The Keiths’ takeaways include:

  • Being open-minded

  • Finding comfort in being the dumbest person in the room

  • Focusing on the next step, not the entire staircase

  • Leveling with your team, good or bad

Learn more about the Keiths at missiondentist.com and discover more tips on the dental trade at TheDentalATeam.com!




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