157: News Flash! Block Scheduling is the Way to Go!

157: News Flash! Block Scheduling is the Way to Go!

It’s time for a deep dive into something that will make every single team member’s life easier AND get rid of non-productive days! That’s right, the title said it all: block scheduling! In this episode, Kiera dives deep into one of her favorite office hacks and walks listeners through how exactly to build the perfect schedule.

Doctors, build out what your perfect day/week looks like, then the team members step in and fill in around it. And because practice makes perfect, Kiera walks you through how to build these samples, what colors to use, and what phrases to start word ninja-ing. Keep an asterisk on this episode so you can use it as a role-play demo.

This tactic will calm the chaos of the back office to front office scheduling transition. Is it foolproof? No, but it’s the best recipe for having a perfect schedule. Remember: Everyone in the office needs to be on board for this approach to work best. Need a little more guidance? Email Kiera for tips at hello@thedentalateam.com!   




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