171: Bonus Episode: How Your Office Can Survive the Coronavirus

Kiera is the breath of fresh air you need in this chaotic world! Settle down with her in this episode as she talks you through ways you and your office can thrive during the coronavirus pandemic. First, she shares four tips for getting through a crisis:

  1. Clear your head and calm the chaos

  2. List long-term versus short-term goals

  3. Brainstorm solutions

  4. Create an action plan with deadlines

THEN it’s time to listen as Kiera divulges a ton of ways your office can be productive during the slow moments. Strategize with your team. Strategize with The Dental A-Team- Kiera is giving away all products for 20% off along with a FREE coaching call on any bought product on our website right now! This is how we can best support you with:

1. Support and strategy when you and your team need it most
2. Tools to maximize downtime and slow times 
3. A coach to give clarity and perspective when you need one 
4. Resources to help your team work on HIGH VALUE items now- training, operations manuals, job position duties, etc. 

There are SO many different ways to be successful, even when the world is spinning with insanity around you.

Want something a little more specific to your office? Email hello@thedentalateam.com and we’ll get right back to you.




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