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177: Operations Manual 2.0

Kiera’s walking you through the successful creation, implementation, and next level-ness of operations manual! This episode is broken down into three parts for the three different stages of operations manual creations:

  1. For offices who don’t have an ops manual
    1. Write down job flow
    2. List protocols
    3. Divide and conquer (with templates!)
  2. For offices who DO have an ops manual
    1. Guidebooks and patient education videos
  3. For offices who want to test and refine their ops manuals
    1. Continuing education

Yup, Kiera breaks it down into everything you need to know, and how to make it the best it can be. And remember, The Dental A-Team has its own resources it can contribute to the creation of your operations manual. Head over to now to take a look!




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