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180: Systems 101- Nurture Your Business Now to Bloom Later

This episode is chock-full of valuable information! Kiera is joined by Doctor Desiree Yazdan (previously on episodes 58 and 86) as part of one of the many fabulous webinars The Dental A-Team has put together (visit for the rest of the webinars!). Today, Kiera and Dr. Yazdan talk about creating/improving the systems in your office. With everything happening right now, use this time to sustain your business and establish effective systems. 

Kiera shares her ideas for systems to work on that aren’t patient-related: perfecting your operations manual, breaking down each staff member, and fixing pain points, to mention a few. 

Feel like you’ve already established the perfect systems? Simplify them even more. There’s always work to be done to make your office better. 

Dr. Yazdan is a cosmetic dentist at the Center for Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, California. She began using social media to brand herself when she had no other money for marketing, and she still uses it to this day. Learn more about Dr. Yazdan at, and read her free Instagram Guide for Healthcare Professionals at

Lastly, Dr. Yazdan has her own podcast: Go check her out at The Social Dentist.



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