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181: Billing: How to Tackle AR Successfully!

This quickie episode has billing guru Tiffanie Trader discussing with Kiera insurance and patient AR, plus tips to not get your insurance AR quite as high. This is a great topic to tackle right now because you NEED THE CASH FLOW!

  • Insurance AR: Sit on the phone with your insurance companies and simultaneously hop on your computer to wrap up claims. Hunker down and get it done.

  • Patient AR: Tread lightly. Tiffanie shares an example case for how things might go wrong. Kiera mentions some awesome software to keep you organized.

  • Proactive tips to help insurance AR to not get so high:

  • Retroactive tips to keep insurance AR down:

    • Power hour

    • Make a schedule

We hope you’re all sitting tight during these crazy times! More fodder for inspiration is over at  




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