222: Get the Stupid Out of Your Scheduling!

Dr. Justin Schmidt is back on the podcast! Dr. Schmidt was the star of the popular episode #122, Boundaries: Separate Your Personal & Professional Life. One hundred episodes later, he’s here talking about his journey with Kiera and the Dental A-Team, specifically block scheduling and the successes he’s seen with implementing it.

Scheduling smart is a small change your office can make with extremely far-reaching and positive effects! No more bottlenecking, more room for flexibility, a maximization of equipment, and more, more, more! Dr. Schmidt shares that by applying DAT practices he’s become a better and smarter leader.

Want to have changes like Dr. Schmidt? Have the DAT come to YOUR office! Emails us a hello@thedentalAteam.com!


More on Dr. Schmidt: Dr. Justin Schmidt took a longer route than most before finding his true calling as a dentist. From building homes to self-professed ski bum, Dr. Schmidt has had many jobs, and lived all over the United States before settling in Oregon, his forever home. Dr. Schmidt is committed to continuing education and takes many advanced courses each year to enhance his skills to better serve the dental care needs of his patients and provide them with a gentle and comfortable dental experience. Combining his love of working with his hands and his passion for helping others, Dr. Schmidt is blessed to have found dentistry; the perfect blend between the two.



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