229: COVID or Not, Maximizing Teledentistry

2020 is the dawn of a new time, illustrating the mega-importance of teledentistry. In this episode, Kiera is joined by Dr. Vilas Sastry, head of Aces Dentistry in Las Vegas and the creator of teledentistry.com. Dr. Sastry implemented TeleDentistry four years ago and started using it in practices long before COVID-19 came along. Incorporating this idea into your practice allows you to generate revenue and engage with your patients when in-person appointments aren’t taking place.

On the other end, now that many practices are back in business with open doors, teledentistry can still be utilized for such times as triage for patient needs, initial patient interaction, and opening up your schedule for high-production time slots. Dr. Sastry has seen through the use of teledentistry that 70% of people came into the practice in person within 90 days — so your goal of getting people through your doors still applies!

Tune in to this extremely enlightening and timely topic, learn the details of how Dr. Sastry’s project is gaining momentum, and what it takes for YOU to be part of it.

Dr. Sastry graduated from Boston University’s Advanced Standing program in 2005. Since graduating, he has helped to establish several practices in the Las Vegas area. His schedule allows him to care for his patients, as well as to contribute his time for several charitable efforts. Dr. Sastry finds caring for the dental implant needs of his patients — ensuring their implants are fully functional and displaying an awesome smile — to be especially satisfying. Dr. Sastry has several reviews that attest to his ability to deliver anesthetic without his patients even feeling a thing. He truly espouses the statement “Stress Less and Smile More”!




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