296: Unveiling the Art of Negotiating Fee Schedules

Sarah O’Brien is back to talk fee schedules! Here, she shares with Kiera what it means to negotiate a fee schedule, how often it should happen, and the secrets of getting an increase across the board … and then an additional increase.

And umbrella companies’ roles when it comes to reimbursements? Sarah has advice for that, too.

If you fall in love with Sarah and her awesome knowledge, make sure you listen to all her episodes! She’s kind of a regular :) Head over to www.TheDentalATeam.com for the goods.

Sarah O'Brien started remote dental billing in 2017 when she was asked to help a newly graduated dentist who had purchased an existing office with higher-than-anticipated outstanding claims, some seriously crazy accounts, and a sweet front office person with very little experience. 

Since that time, dozens of dental offices and dentists have used her remote billing services to send or post claims, get help with high AR, create statement protocols, and train staff to be better dental billers. 

Three years later, Evolution Dental Billing was created when Sarah and her friend Kiera Dent (The Dental A-Team founder and CEO) came up with a plan to completely change the way we do dental billing.



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