Elevate Your Team Members

In response to a listener request, Kiera shares a four-step approach to inspire team members to level up in their roles.


Step 1: Assess Your Culture

The first step involves introspection. Ask yourself whether your workplace culture actively encourages and expects team members to level up. A positive and growth-oriented culture is essential for fostering individual and collective development.


Step 2: Establish Continual Meetings and Check-Ins

Encourage growth by setting up regular meetings and check-ins. These sessions provide a platform for discussing goals, addressing challenges, and celebrating achievements. Consistent communication is key to keeping everyone on track and motivated.


Step 3: Have Direct Conversations

Initiate direct conversations with team members about their professional development. Understand their aspirations, challenges, and the support they need. Constructive dialogues can pinpoint areas for improvement and create a roadmap for growth.


Step 4: Confirm Their Aspirations

Ensure that leveling up aligns with the individual’s aspirations, not just your expectations. Recognize and respect their unique career goals. When team members are pursuing their desired path, motivation and satisfaction increase, ultimately benefiting both the team and patients.


Tune in to learn how fostering a culture of growth and employing these four steps not only inspires team members to level up but contributes to overall team happiness and enhances the patient experience.

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