How To Avoid the Top Billing Mistakes

We’re joined by Josh Smith from Dental Claim Support, here to shed some light on crucial billing stumbling blocks affecting dental practices. Even if you consider yourself billing-savvy, there’s valuable advice that can elevate your practice’s income in an organized manner.


The Top Billing Mistake:

Discover the number one mistake dental offices are making with their billing processes. Uncover insights that can reshape your approach and lead to more efficient revenue management.


A Healthy AR Cadence:

Josh provides valuable insights into what a healthy cadence for Accounts Receivable (AR) should look like. Understanding this rhythm is fundamental to maintaining financial health in your dental practice.


The Game-Changing Impact of Scheduling:

Learn how setting a schedule can revolutionize your billing game. Josh and Kiera discuss strategies that can make a significant difference in your practice’s financial organization.


Tune in for additional tips, tricks, and valuable nuggets of information that can directly impact the financial success of your dental practice.

As a bonus, Josh provides a sneak peek into his book, “Hanging a Shingle: Complete Guide to Starting a Dental Practice.” Gain valuable insights into the essential aspects of launching a successful dental practice.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Whether you’re a billing pro or just getting started, Josh Smith’s expertise and the practical tips shared in this conversation will surely enhance your approach to dental practice billing. Increase your income and bring order to your financial processes by implementing the insights from this engaging discussion.

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