Overcoming Burnout and Stress in Dentistry

Stress and burnout have become all too familiar in the world we live in. It’s critical to not let stress become chronic, causing burnout and exhaustion. Kiera sat down with Steve Adams, the CEO and founder of Tiger Medical Institute, to delve into the timely and critical topic of overcoming burnout and stress. Drawing on his background as a former corporate banker and seasoned entrepreneur, Steve shared a wealth of insights and strategies to help individuals not only manage stress but thrive in their professional and personal lives.  

Burnout looks different for everyone, however, there are two strategies to relieve burnout that can apply to everyone. One is learning how to mitigate stress on demand and the other is figuring out how to optimize your sleep. They’re both related—and neither is simple.

In this episode, you’ll discover easy but effective ways to help manage stress such as diaphragmatic breathing, morning and night regiments, digital detox, daily schedule, and more. Navigating the demands of our professional and personal lives can involve less stress through implementing these strategies and could be the key to unleashing the peak performer within each of us. Hear all about the ways you can help manage your stress and maximize performance by listening to the full podcast using the link below. 

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