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Craft your operations manual effortlessly in 90 days using our 750-page customizable operations manual. Benefit from significant time and cost savings with our ready-to-use job descriptions, checklists, accountability agreements, and a wealth of other valuable resources.

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With years of experience, we’ve been partnering with offices similar to yours, and we truly understand the challenges and overwhelm that come with creating an operations manual. We’re here to provide the guidance and resources you need to streamline this process, saving you time and reducing the stress associated with manual creation.

Are You Dealing With...

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Getting the systems in place in your practice.

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Everyone not being on the same page.

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Completing your own operations manual.

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Organizing all of your systems in an easy, usable manner.

Elevate Efficiency in Just 90 Days

Our 90-day operations manual is designed as a guide to standardizing systems within your practice. You’ll gain expertise in creating precise job descriptions, implementing end-of-day checklists for improved organization, establishing accountability agreements to ensure team alignment, and optimizing job workflows for enhanced productivity. These skills are the building blocks of a well-structured and efficient workplace, setting you on a path to success in office management.


Build the Ultimate Operations Manual for Peak Productivity

Creating your operations manual in 90 days is a strategic move for any business. It provides a structured framework for your team, ensuring consistency in processes, messaging, and customer interactions. This valuable resource not only accelerates onboarding for new members but also empowers your existing team to maximize their performance, ultimately leading to increased sales, customer satisfaction, and overall growth.

750 Customizable Pages

Pre-Made Checklists

Team Accountability Agreements

Optimized Systems

Your Trusted Resources for an investment of $1,097

Get Your 90-Day Operations Manual

90 Days. 4 Easy Phases.

Our 90-day operations manual is divided into four essential sections to equip your team for success. In Section 1, you’ll find pre-made job descriptions, job protocols, end-of-day checklists, and accountability agreements tailored for every member of your team, ensuring clarity and consistency in their roles. Section 2 provides templates for easy-to-follow how-tos on a wide range of tasks, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

For new team members, Section 3 offers invaluable 30/60/90 days of onboarding documents, facilitating a smooth integration into your sales environment. Lastly, in Section 4, our workshops with Dental A Team guide you on how to effectively complete the manual within 90 days, ensuring your team is fully equipped to excel in their roles and contribute to the growth and success of your business.

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“One of the biggest highlights for me of working with Dental A Team has been the in-office visits. Tiffany is our coaching consultant– She’s able to come in, see the things we’re doing really well, and see some areas where we might have blind spots, but she’s able to see it from a broader perspective than what my team and I can see."

Dr. Nathan Tilman

Multi-Practice Owner

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