Successful Dental Practice Management: Empowering Your Office Leaders

Your office manager will learn the intricacies of hiring and firing, gain insights into billing and scheduling, and lead your team with clarity and confidence thanks to this comprehensive training program from Dental A Team.

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Office managers are the glue of any dental practice. From financial management and scheduling to hiring and patient relations, your office manager wears a lot of hats. This can lead to confusion, anxiety, and burnout. We know and understand how difficult it can be to create a strong team, reach the goals of the practice, and keep an office running with accountability and happy smiles. Our program gives office managers the confidence and knowledge to define their position, bridge performance gaps, and create a positive work environment for the whole team.

Are You Dealing With...

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A lack of accountability among your staff.

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Role confusion that leads to burnout.

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A team that falls short of goals and expectations.

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Unproductive hiring and firing conversations.

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Overall frustration and anxiety about the organization of your practice.

Set Your Office Manager Up for Success

In this course, your office manager will explore KPI creation and tracking, scheduling, scripting, verbiage, protocols, how to define their role, and more. To ensure your office manager is set up for nothing but success, they will receive a downloadable workbook and resource guide plus module quizzes throughout the course for added accountability. Your office manager will also receive checklists and forms with helpful tips and tricks that they can utilize at your practice right now! No need to wait till they’ve finished the training.


Handle KPIs, Scheduling, Protocols, and More with Confidence

Engaging in our Office Manager Training Program is a commitment to the betterment of your practice and the well-being of your staff. Your office manager will be equipped with the tools to improve the overall work environment, set office goals, and organize in-office processes. If you’re finally ready to reduce stress, implement systems, and increase efficiencies, then sign up for our course today. Purchase includes lifetime access to this course. All courses purchased from the Dental A Team are non-refundable.

Downloadable Workbook

Module Quizzes

Checklists for Defining the Office Manager Role

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The office manager role is arguably the most important and hardest role in the office to train. Knowing where to start and what to cover can be a confusing and exhausting process. At Dental A Team, we do the hard work for you. Our comprehensive course includes 8 modules to train office managers on the must-knows of office logistics, accountability and tracking, billing, claims and credentialing, hiring and firing, an overview of scheduling, scripting and verbiage, growing your practice, and much more!

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“I love Dental A Team’s emphasis not only on serving the most patients efficiently but also on being happy while we do it! They really care about the happiness of the team and I think that’s the biggest thing we’ve seen through this journey– We’ve gotten the systems down in place to make our lives easier and work smarter, not harder.”

Dr. Kalyssa Bontrager

Lagrange Family Dentistry

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