119: A Unique Spin to Holding People Accountable

In this episode, Kiera takes a look at dental practices through the eyes of Debbie Dodson, practice director for Castle Peak Dentistry. Debbie has been in dentistry for 20+ years, practicing hygiene for 10 of those before moving on to office management.

Castle Peak Dentistry (home to Doctor Summer Kassmel, long-time buddy of Kiera’s) is a Dental A-Team-approved practice. Debbie has guided her team to be incredibly accountable. How did that happen? From the top down — looking at the practice’s core values and committing the team to align with those every. single. day.

Another topic of note is Debbie moving from office manager to practice director and removing herself from the front lines. Was she able to maintain respect from her team members? How was that transition in the first place? It’s all here for you in this episode — just hit play!

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