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214: Mastering Risk Tolerance & Fail Safes

One of the podcast’s BFFs, Friend, is back to talk with Kiera about the side hustle of real estate. Last time (episode #126), the two discussed how real estate can serve as a cash flow and what to look for. Remember, Friend is using real estate to help pay for his dental school. This episode centers around diversification, checklists when looking at real estate, what the ideal fail safe looks like, and an easy way to figure out your rental prices.

As an added bonus, Kiera unpacks what she means when she uses the phrase “word ninja” — how to add sugar and honey to your words to get your point across while still making someone feel like a million bucks.

You can reach out to Friend at [email protected] or 502-715-1322. Kiera’s always ready to answer questions, too, and she’s at [email protected]!



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