234: Creating Smiles — LITERALLY

Today’s episode is all about taking a load off and having fun! Kiera is joined by Ashley Dorn, a member of the Dental A-Team, and the two ladies talk about how to have fun at work. Kiera and Ashley share their past experiences of pranks and giggles, including heelies and fake snakes.

Being a good employee is more than just checking the boxes of working hard and knowing your field; it’s also about being fun and having a good time. Some ideas of what your office can do to boost morale:

  • Bravo jar

  • Themed days

  • Team outings

Be willing to zag where the rest of the world zigs — it’ll make your job all the more fun! 

Listen for more ways to have a good time in your office at www.TheDentalATeam.com.   


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