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Episode 521: How to Successfully Drop Insurance

dental insurance plans May 10, 2022

Question: Want to get out of the PPO game and get the schedule you want?

All practices reach a point in their lives where they need to make a decision: Expand your practice and take all insurances; drop insurance plans; or keep doing what you’re doing and hope something changes.

This episode dives into successfully dropping insurance plans and maximizing your time in a day. Kiera explains the process for bidding adieu to plans and keeping patients happy:

  1. Establish a fee-for-service culture, have a membership plan in place

  2. Decide on a plan to cancel and know how many people are on that plan

  3. Decide on date to terminate the plan, submit a plan

  4. Finalize communication

  5. Train team on verbiage

The Dental A-Team can personalize this process for you and provide you with templates to do so. Be sure to reach out: [email protected] 

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