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080: The Bread and Butter of Dental Practices

Aug 22, 2019

In this quickie episode, Kiera is talking about insurance verification — don’t hang up/delete/ignore! This is important! Insurance verification might not be the sexiest thing, but one of the secrets to success in keeping patients and a higher treatment acceptance is commitment to verification.

Still skeptical? Kiera walks you through a few tips and tricks to get it done fast, and get it done right. If your office dedicates time to insurance verification, it will:

  1. Confidently answer patients’ questions about insurance
  2. Get patients to say yes more often to treatments
  3. Not have to send out pre-denials

Visit www.TheDentalATeam for more tactical practicals today! 


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079: Finding the Best Job You’ve Ever Had

Aug 21, 2019

Kiera corners Kayelee Taylor, chief operating officer for the Dental A Team and Kiera’s Dental Consulting, into a podcast episode! The two discuss growing yourself in your profession both as a team member and a team leader. Within one year, Kayelee moved from Kiera’s personal assistant to COO. Her path to getting there? More than hard work — she spills the beans in this episode.

Whether you’re a practice owner, operations manager, team lead, or any other role, Kiera’s and Kayelee’s tips can relate; they’re tactical pieces of information you can pull into work and into your personal life starting TODAY.

Head over to www.TheDentalATeam.com for more inspiration. 

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078: Implement These Marketing Tips TODAY

Aug 20, 2019

Back at it with marketing tips! Kiera and Lauren Edvalson, CEO of Dental Marketing Agency, Edvalson Marketing, talk about using analytics to hone in on your key audience, the psychology of color, and postcards, plus how each can help boost your practice!

Did you know it takes 14-20 impressions before someone might buy your product? Utilizing social media ads and postcards in interesting ways will help cement those impressions. Even if you’ve been burned by a marketing tool before (like Kiera was with postcards), both women encourage trying again. Dabble here, implement there. A great example of successful postcard utilization is Strategic Marketing Solution’s Travis Russell in Medford, Oregon. 

Another option for marketing: newsletters! These can be quarterly opportunities to update your patients about your office and the dental community.

Kiera and Lauren encourage stealing knowledge. See what other practices have done and how they’ve benefited, and cater it...

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077: Live in a World of Yeses

Aug 19, 2019

In this crossover episode with The Dental Practice Heroes podcast, Kiera shares a ~ton~ of dentistry gold with Dr. Paul Etchison. She talks about her past life as a treatment coordinator, the worst firing story you’ll ever hear, and how grocery tabs totally used to be a thing. You’ll also hear all about the number one fatal mistake made by treatment coordinators and how to become a master at the game of “Silent Chicken.”

Kiera has held a ton of dental practice positions, and this episode is the perfect one to understand just how wide her expertise is. Special thanks to Dr. Etchison for such a fun episode! Tune in, folks. This one you won’t want to miss (though if you do, there’s always more at www.TheDentalATeam.com).  


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076: Block Party for Scheduling!

Aug 15, 2019

Kiera could talk for hours about scheduling, but this time she’s only taking 20 minutes, so listen up! Her favorite way to schedule an office has three columns: high production ($500+), low production (fillings, crown seats, etc.), and assistant-only (night guards, bleaching, etc.). Tune in as she explains the why of each, and what two time slots are the best for high production procedures!

Doctors, do you wish your schedules could be more consistent? Too many heavy days in a row followed by fluff days? This episode is for you, and for you team members who feel the same! Kiera shares tips on how you can move appointments around to even things out and why scheduling templates are life-saving.

More tips and block parties at www.TheDentalATeam.com! 


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075: Rip Off ALL the Bandaids!

Aug 14, 2019

Kiera is car-casting to Lake Tahoe with Doctor Summer Kassmel! The duo discusses fighting through day-to-day details to have a win of the day every day. It’s hard being human, and often we find ourselves dodging around the difficult assignments to get little things done. As Dr. Kassmel puts it, we’ve mastered the urgent and negated the important.

Have no fear, Kassmel is here! In this episode she reveals her tips for righting your ship:

  1. Use a time journal to identify where you’re spending your time
  2. Cross off what’s not “working,” or what isn’t moving the needle in progressing the business and your professional life
  3. Reprioritize your list of to-dos; what are the top three things that you and only you can do?
  4. Sit down with your doctor and ask what’s done versus well done in his or her mind

Doctors and team members, be on the same page as one another! Have open conversations to avoid any bad surprises. Helpful hints and more are...

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074: Putting Personality Tests to Good Use

Aug 13, 2019

Transitioning from a co-worker to manager position can be stressful! In this episode, Kiera sits down with Ashley Irvin, office manager at Ivory Dental in Sandpoint, Idaho, to discuss what that transition looks like, and how to do it successfully.

Ashley’s been diligent in her managerial role, enough that she helped her practice grow to another location. Discovering her strengths and weaknesses as a leader over the years — many which she talks about with Kiera — led her to be very proud of the accomplishments her office made during the expansion (for example, dealing with personality conflicts but keeping the team completely intact!). Her tips:

  1. Ask for clear job expectations from your doctor

  2. Hold strong to systems

  3. Maximize your management based on office personalities

That’s right, we’re giving you full permission to go online and take a personality test. Understanding results can do wonders for your team! It’s all here in this episode;...

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073: Copying McDonald’s: Systematization

Aug 08, 2019

Kiera digs into systems today. Systems are processes that can be implemented without explaining something to someone new — someone else can be plugged into the role. Three freebie systems that can be implemented today? End-of-day checklist or a morning huddle or hand-offs.

Now, systematizing your practice doesn’t mean being too strict. Leave room to ebb and flow; help people have room for error. Here’s four steps to get you on the right path towards successful systematization. Ask yourself...

  1. How could we do this smarter?
  2. How could we do this more efficiently?
  3. How could we do this cost effectively?
  4. How can we have happier people working?

Don’t system for system’s sake: do things with a purpose. To morph in this life is to succeed. More tips on success at www.TheDentalATeam.com.


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072: Dentist- ing in 2019

Aug 07, 2019

Doctor Paul Goodman is BACK and talking with Kiera about dentistry connections in our modern age. Ever heard the phrase “Everybody wants to be successful until they see what it actually takes”? That’s the topic of this episode. Paul and Kiera discuss influencing as a dental practice team member, and why people aren’t talking as much about what it takes to succeed; the duo is pushing for getting more people in rooms to talk things out!

No matter what phase of life you’re in, no matter what position you have in your practice, find people who’ve been where you are and have pushed through it. Use them as inspiration. After all, that’s often how best practices and best lifestyles are shared.

For the ladies listening, come to Women Dentists Connect, taking place in Scottsdale, AZ this October! And for more Nacho goodness from Doctor Goodman, there are always extra servings. Other dentistry topics you can find at www.TheDentalATeam.com.


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071: “The Divide”: Emergency Patients

Aug 06, 2019

“My tooth is killing me and I need to see my dentist immediately!”

Ever get these calls? Emergency patients are inevitable, and in this episode Kiera shares how the front office and back office can work harmoniously during the panic of last-minute same-day care. Her overall tip is to be proactive, not reactive.

  • Front office: Create an emergency call questionnaire that you have front and center when a call comes in. Questions for the patient might include 1) How long have you been taking pain meds? 2) How long have you been in pain? 3) What part of the mouth hurts? 4) Is your tooth/are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold? 5) Is your tooth/are your teeth sensitive to chewing?
  • Back office: During every morning huddle, look at the schedule as a group and decide where emergency patients should go if one pops up. That way, should the call come, you’ve already mentally prepared for it.

Implementing these practices means improved communication, better patient care, and...

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