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033: How to Get PAID! Insurance tips with Donna Dinette

May 08, 2019

Kiera welcomes Donna Dinette who emphasizes the simplicity of getting a 97-98% return rate on your insurance claims! It is all about knowing what the insurance companies want as well as being sincere and confident when speaking with your patient. Kiera and Donna lay out useful instructions for getting paid by insurance companies and patients. Here are a few samples you’ll learn in the episode:

  • Get to know insurance companies well
  • Create a form and checklist for each company
  • Send articles with each claim that provides proof of standard care
  • Keep the patient’s credit card on file- THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND ON BILLING!
  • Call patient over the phone instead of mailing bill- efficiency in the making
  • Collect and bill daily

By taking Donna’s advice, you will be surprised by how fast you get results!

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032: Billing- How to Simplify for Maximum Returns

May 07, 2019

Kiera is joined by Sarah O’Bryan as the two dive right in to simple steps that better organize insurance and billing. Sarah explains that you can eliminate kickback error reports by first making sure you have correctly entered the subscriber information and having a system in which the office keeps track of claims instead of just relying the computer software. Kiera and Sarah emphasize the need to “clean up” your insurance system one step at a time:

  • Organize all identical insurance plans under one big group
  • Know what each plan will cover and requires
  • Have doctor daily review the codes for mistakes
  • Submit claims as a batch the next morning

By following these simple steps, you will start to observe more time open up in your schedule and less errors submitted.

Billing doesn’t have to be hard. By being set up properly in the beginning, billing can be easier than you think.
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031: Tracking Numbers- A Team's Perspective- Let's Put It All Out There

May 02, 2019

Kiera welcomes back Tiffanie Trader as they discuss the topic of “addressing the numbers” with the entire dental team. Sometimes it's hard to be "vulnerable" and share what your practice is producing without it feeling as if we are pushing production to increase a doctor's paycheck. Kiera and Tiffanie both KNOW what this feels like as team members pushing towards these numbers.

HOWEVER, they both know that numbers don't mean bigger paychecks for the doctor-- but they are just a MEASURING STICK OF HOW MANY PATIENTS YOUR PRACTICE IS HELPING!

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030: Route Slips- The Little Jewels in Your Practice!

May 01, 2019

Kiera is joined by Dr. George Hariri and Dr. Richard Low from the Shared Practices Podcast as they pick Kiera’s brain about Route Slips. What are route slips, why are they needed, and how necessary are they? Kiera explains that route slips create routines and checklists so team members are reminded of the patient’s needs.

Route slips should include:

  • patient name
  • time of appointment
  • medical alerts
  • procedure and amount of time for each procedure
  • dental provider
  • family members
  • unpaid dues

Kiera indicates that when route slips are used effectively, they will not only better prepare the team for the next day appointments, but will also help decrease reaction time in order to fill cancellations for that day. Listen in as Kiera sheds her wisdom and time-saving tips!!!!

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029: Team Calibration- The Glue that Creates A-Teams

Apr 30, 2019

Kiera and Dr. Summer Kassamel are back together in a short, fact-filled episode discussing team calibration specifically dealing with treatment planning. They deep dive on what you say, how you say it, and when you say something to a patient can make or break the patient’s acceptability of the proposed treatment plan. By connecting with your patients, they will automatically feel more at ease with the treatment plan suggested.

Kiera and Summer suggest different FLOW CHARTS for discussing a treatment plan with a patient, taking new patient calls, scheduling, and more! With a few more helpful tips, they insist that the key to calibration is that everyone in the office, even the doctor, is open to helpful feedback. This way everyone is strengthened in their weaknesses and the patients have a better experience.

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028: MONDAY MEETING MASH-UP : Hiring: Are You Hiding Your Dirty Laundry?

Apr 25, 2019

Kiera is back with Tiffanie Trader as they discuss the topic of hiring. Although it can be tempting to hire out of desperation, it is much easier to set the non-negotiable at the beginning of the interview. PAY, HOURS, and LOCATION all need to be discussed first so no time is wasted for either party. Kiera and Tiffanie both emphasize the importance of writing an attractive, yet specific job ad by following a 3 paragraph model. The ad will aid in your filtering process while also attracting the perfect applicant.

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027: Office Manager Takeaways with Brenda Miller

Apr 24, 2019

Kiera welcomes Brenda Miller to the podcast for an episode surrounding office managers, business leadership, and consulting. Kiera was in Brenda's three offices and decided it would be fun to take the listeners "behind the scenes" of in-office consulting.

Brenda examines her unconventional, yet inspiring, journey that has now brought her to working as a dental office manager. Brenda gives the following tips for office managers:

  • Understand business is not personal
  • Always being honest
  • Stay calm and breathe
  • Keep a daily checklist
  • Maintain your morning huddles
  • Be the leader your team needs

Brenda emphasizes the importance of listening to your team and being humble in your approach. Positive attitudes can push a business, its leader, and its team forward to the next level!

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026: Why are mentors important?

Apr 23, 2019

Dr. Mark Costes and Kiera Dent are back together again in this quick episode discussing the importance of mentorship. Mentorship has been and continues to be an impactful role in both their personal and business lives. As they each discuss the mentors they have, it becomes clear that mentorship can come from unlikely places.

Often team members do not think they "qualify" for mentorship since they are just team members-- this is very false. Kiera and Mark discuss how mentorship can come in many shapes and forms, and encourage you to find mentorship to raise yourself to a better version of yourself.

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025: This! You Don’t Want To Miss!

Apr 18, 2019

THE SECRET IS OUT AND YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! In this week's episode, Kiera and Mark are joined by Mark's partner, performance coach and the black belt coach of DSI, Alastair Macdonald.

Are you a frustrated dentist? Are you flatlining or declining? Is your practice a success and you just need more? Well, the wait is over! Kiera, Mark and Alastair have created: DENTAL SUCCESS UNIVERSITY!

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Three Tiered Program

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  • Principles of Business
  • Upgraded Dentist

Interact. Gain Information. Be Inspired! 


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024: CarCast with Grady- Future Dentists in the Making

Apr 17, 2019

In today’s episode, Kiera is joined by Grady, a first year dental student at Creighton University. Kiera and Grady each discuss useful tips that dental students, dentists and team members alike can implement NOW in their training that will be extremely beneficial.

Some topics they discuss include:

  • Treat your 3rd and 4th year dental school years like residences
  • Jump into any clinical case you can
  • Work on increasing time efficiency in and out of clinic
  • Take in interest in knowing other parts of the dental office team
  • In your first job out of dental school, be humble but not afraid to set standards for your employees

This question and answer episode sheds light onto much needed advice for young dental professionals along with team members. See yourself in these stories. How can you better yourself? Are you writing down your goals? Are you pushing yourself in your daily grind? Self-reflect to ensure you are getting the most out of the Dental A-Team Podcast!

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