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013: Monday Morning Meetings- ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??

Mar 21, 2019

Team meetings can sometimes be really hard. They are difficult because it's a challenge to continually come up with topics, ideas, and HOW to these meetings really, really well.

Kiera and Mark decided to help teams out! EVERY THURSDAY, they will release a podcast that all team members can listen to to prep for a Monday Morning Meeting (or whenever you hold team meetings). There will be topics galore along with guidance of how to hold these meetings!

In today's episode, Kiera and Mark are kicking it off right by helping you know HOW to run these meetings. HOW to set lead and lag measures. And HOW to be able to run effective, productive, and RESULTS-DRIVEN meetings!

They also discuss meeting agendas along with a cadence of accountability. What are your overall goals for your office/organization? Mark explains that you should set no more than 3 large goals. Think small and set lead measures for each department to focus on for a certain amount of time in order to successfully hit your...

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012: This is us. Real.Raw. Vulnerable- Kiera’s Journey

Mar 20, 2019

Everyone has their own journey to success. In today’s episode, Kiera unravels her story from dental assisting, to practice management, to business owner, and then to dental consulting. She explains that her journey, although not always easy at times, allowed her to learn some of the best lessons, meet some of the greatest people, and become the best version of herself. This must-listen-to episode allows you to truly see Kiera and her journey as it relates to your own. She has walked in your shoes. You are NOT ALONE.


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011: Facing your Fears

Mar 19, 2019

Are you letting your fear of rejection or failure keep you from LEVELING UP? Kiera talks about how fear is a powerful motivator and when overcome, can lead to success and happiness. In this episode, Kiera gives helpful tips to dentists, officer managers, and dental assistants on how to NOT LET YOUR FEAR TAKE OVER YOU, BUT YOU TAKE OVER YOUR FEAR!!!


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010: Words Create Worlds- What's your Communication Creating

Mar 14, 2019

In this very first “CarCast” episode, Kiera welcomes her traveling consultant colleague, Tiffanie Trader. Tiffanie is a master with teams and how to build relationships through solid communication tactics. 

 Tiffanie and Kiera discuss how communication is beneficial for team engagement, but absolutely necessary for successful production. Tiffanie sheds light on communication tactics, how it makes a practice run smoother, and how “having the hard conversation” can be positive! When a team member’s production or work quality is not where it needs to be, the conversation doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Get your notepad ready, this is an action-packed episode we know you’re going to love! 


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009: Management- Is your team in good hands?

Mar 13, 2019

In this short episode, Kiera and Mark jump right into what makes a valuable office manager. Mark explains how the manager should be trusted to fulfill all of their job duties, but also not to be afraid to think of 3-5 practical solutions for problems that arise. Also, Dentists should EMPOWER their teams creative abilities. This not only allows the dentist to delegate decisions of the office, but permits the management team to feel safe enough to fail successfully.


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008: Keeping a Schedule, Keeps you Proactive!

Mar 12, 2019

Do you feel like you aren’t maximizing your day? Is there a lot of wasted time you could be utilizing? Join Mark and Kiera this week as they discus how scheduling is an important part of maximizing practice time. Having such busy schedules themselves, they know the benefits of working when they are most effective.

In this episode, Mark and Kiera point out useful tips on how to start this process. First, you must schedule around the doctor’s preferences so the dentist is alert and effective in his/her treatment. Second, Mark and Kiera use the “TEN-MINUTE INCREMENT” technique in order to observe:

  • What procedure is needed for that day?
  • How long the procedure will take the dentist to perform?
  • How long is the assistant needed for that procedure?
  • Is the dentist’s and assistant’s time being used effectively?
  • Is their time wasted during and in between appointments?

By tabulating the procedure in ten-minute increments and denoting the doctor’s time...

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007: Two perspectives, One Goal

Mar 07, 2019

Dr. Mark Costes and Kiera Dent join forces in The Dental A Team podcast to explain how TWO PERSPECTIVES of dentistry are BENEFICIAL for the entire profession of dentistry. This podcast provides a platform for both the dentists and team members in order to bring their two perspectives together. They discuss how you need the perspective from each in order to grow not only into an efficient business, but an effective team.

As Mark elaborates from the dentist perspective and Kiera from the team perspective, they speak with humility from their own experiences and how they don’t just understand you, but they are you! Learning from their own mistakes and growing together, they both have one overarching is goal: to give birth to the most EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, AND SIMPLE practices across the nation. This can best be accomplished when the team and the dentists COMBINE and UNITE!

Tune in weekly to join the team and you will see your practice flourish!


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005: Talking Money- Part 1

Mar 06, 2019

Mark and Kiera have a podcast today going out to TREATMENT COORDINATORS! But, if you aren’t a treatment coordinator, this is still an episode for you. They want to help you get comfortable in the uncomfortable-- conversations, talking money, approaching your boss, etc. This is an action-packed episode with lots to soak in.

This podcast will discuss:

  • WHY it’s hard to talk money

  • Some of the common concerns that treatment coordinators face

  • Actionable ways to overcome

  • PLUS- role play a scenario of a potential, but common conversation, between doctors and team members

This is just Part 1 with so many tangible tips they know you are going to LOVE!

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006: Talking Money- Part 2

Mar 05, 2019

On this episode, Mark and Kiera wrap up their “Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable Podcast” on Part II today. They want you to really understand that talking money is just that-- and NOTHING more! As teams, this can be one of the biggest mental hurdles that can be easily overcome.

Actionable items you can look for in this episode:

  • Assume the yes-- this will impact your case acceptance with a simple mindset shift

  • Put the emphasis on the treatment

  • The art of silence

  • Creating a solution to a problem that DOES exist!

Mark and Kiera role play how to present treatment plans and common objectives that are real life!

Join us today and see how you can make your life easier and simpler with a few mindset changes.


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Don’t Break Up With Me- Controlling Cancellations

Mar 01, 2019

Today, Mark and Kiera go, in-depth, on how Kiera refuses to be the girl who gets broken up with when it comes to cancellations.  Cancellations are the BANE of the front office’s existence and can really throw a negative curve into your day. And yet-- they can be turned around with one simple phrase that works like magic. 

Through the three E’s and some magical verbiage, teams can eliminate cancellations.  Mark and Kiera discuss common reasons teams might shy away from this verbiage all while giving ways for teams to implement this TODAY!  

Why not try it out?  Eliminating cancellations might help you and your patients have a brighter day!  This is one of Mark and Kiera’s FAVORITE topics that works!!


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