Dental Billing Coordinator – Level Up

Here’s the deal- most team members are working their tails off to accomplish the main goals of their positions. This is typically incredibly true for the dental billing coordinator or billing department in general! But it’s also true that this department is oftentimes sitting in a reactive state of work. We’re waiting for treatment to be completed so we can bill it claims to be paid or denied so we can work on those, insurance companies to answer, patients to pay… all the things!

So today let’s take a journey and explore how this area of your dental practice can be more proactive.

Let’s talk about training. We don’t mean hiring someone to train them. Unless they need it, we’re here to help with that!

What we mean is allowing your billing representative to see areas where they can train their teammates to help make their jobs easier! That’s right, give them the reins, ask them how their lives can be better, and allow them the space to create that magic!

Areas of opportunity we see in most practices:

1. Treatment plans correct from the start – all codes entered! 

2. Supporting claim information – create a cheat sheet of info you need for specific procedures! 

3. Tell your treatment coordinators when procedures will likely be denied. Allow them the knowledge to prep your patients ahead of time for out-of-pocket costs!

4. Narrative templates – what do you need for each claim being sent? How can you ensure you get it in your provider’s notes from the beginning?


Find the trends within your billing department, ask your dental billing coordinator about what’s taking a lot of time, and can we decrease that time by being proactive in another department?

Can the billing department find areas that they can truly lean on other supporting departments to make their lives a little easier, in turn making everyone’s easier? 

Evaluate it and let’s see what you come up with! 

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