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Elevate your client base, revenue, and team motivation when you subscribe to our bundle of individualized and comprehensive training programs.

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Are you eager to expand your develop your team, boost revenue, and grow your practice? If so, Kick-Start Virtual Training is exactly what you need. Our comprehensive training bundle empowers you to tackle common industry challenges head-on, leading your business to unparalleled success. Join us in reshaping your future.

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Individualized Training

Individual training for roles in the dental practice, Digital workbooks, Online lessons, and more

Systems Optimization

Add value to the Kick-Start Virtual Training Bundle with the fully customizable 750-page operations manual training.

Team Investment

Ensure your teams attention is on what matters most to your practice and invest in tools like Management Made Simple to take are of smaller but important practice details.

You Can’t Afford Not to Do This

Our goal is to save you money, not spend it. In fact, we know that your investment will cover itself and much more. When practices we work with implement these tools, they see an increase in revenue. This is because, through this bundle, you'll gain value and a return on your investment through a multitude of improvements across your practice..


Accelerated Dental Staff Hiring


Maximized Dental Billing


Improved Office Management


Optimized Dental Scheduling


Dental Assistance Training


Dental Hygienist Team Building


Increased Knowledge of Dental Treatment Plans


Simplified Management Processes through the Management Made Simple Subscription Box


Accelerated Operations Manual 90-day Creation (Optional add)

Introducing: Management Made Simple

Level up how your office runs with Management Made Simple. Get tips and tricks to enhance morale, efficiency, and profits when you sign up for our new monthly subscription service.

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You Will See Results and Feel Relief

  • Results-driven meetings
  • Full practice systemization
  • Maximizing case acceptance
  • Overhead management and profit-boosting
  • Team accountability and satisfaction
  • Proven hiring, firing, and onboarding
  • Office manager development 

Increase your revenue within 60 days with the Dental A Team

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Our Commitment

Built for You

For aspiring practices seeking guidance, Kick-Start Virtual Training will help your management style. We don’t tell you how to do your job, instead, we empower you with the essential tools and skills to forge your own path to success, benefitting you, your team, and your business.


“I love Dental A Team’s emphasis not only on serving the most patients efficiently but also on being happy while we do it! They really care about the happiness of the team and I think that’s the biggest thing we’ve seen through this journey– We’ve gotten the systems down in place to make our lives easier and work smarter, not harder.”

Dr. Kalyssa Bontrager

Lagrange Family Dentistry