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Episode : #750: The People Code in Your Practice

Podcast Description

It’s time for another book club episode! Kiera and Britt review The People Code and the Character Code by Taylor Hartman (also known as The Color Code). This book is a way of understanding different personalities in a practice, and provides insight on how the different drives can mesh together.

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0:00:05.8 Kiera Dent: Hey everyone, welcome to the Dental A Team Podcast. I’m your host, Kiera Dent, and I had this crazy idea that maybe I could combine a doctor and a team member’s perspective because let’s face it, dentistry can be a challenging profession with those two perspectives. I’ve been a dental assistant, treatment coordinator, scheduler, filler, office manager, regional manager, practice owner, and I have a team of traveling consultants where we have traveled to over 165 different offices, coaching teams. Yep, we don’t just understand you, we are you. Our mission is to positively impact the world of dental, and I believe that this podcast is the greatest way I can help elevate teams, grow VIP experiences, reduce stress, and create A teams. Welcome to the Dental A Team Podcast.


0:00:50.3 Kiera Dent: Hello, Dental A Team listeners. This is Kiera, and I’ve got the one and only, no BS, Brittany Stone on the podcast today. Britt, how are you doing?

0:01:00.2 Brittany Stone: I’m doing great today. How are you?

0:01:01.3 Kiera Dent: Good. I don’t know, Britt. I think my middle name or first name should be Pivot Queen, because I texted Britt early this morning and said, “Hey Britt, you want to podcast this morning?” Because we were supposed to podcast tomorrow, and I’m like, “but I’m driving today. We could car-cast. Are you down for it?” And lo and behold, here she is. Britt, would you agree I should be called Pivot Queen? Is that a real thing?

0:01:24.7 Brittany Stone: Oh, well. For sure, for sure. I mean, there’s a lot of nicknames we can give. That’s definitely one of them we can give you, for sure. And I feel like car-casting is one of your favorites.

0:01:34.7 Kiera Dent: I mean, I don’t do it very often. I actually took the podcast out of my bag, because it weighs… I thought it weighed like ten pounds. I actually weighed it on the scale and it was only three, but my bag feels like a million pounds with this thing in there. [laughter]

0:01:48.8 Brittany Stone: Three pounds is a lot on your back. [chuckle]

0:01:50.2 Kiera Dent: It feels extra. I was like, “Sheesh, man.” And of course, the one time I did, I needed some things from it, which is fine. But no, car-casting it’s been a while. I just feel like it’s a good use of time, headed to an office today, and you’re free before you go on a day full of calls. And so why not do the book club, which this month, book club was… I don’t really know, Britt. I feel like it’s called like four different names. But we read…

0:02:14.1 Brittany Stone: [chuckle] It’s got two, technically, I think.

0:02:16.0 Kiera Dent: Is that what it is?

0:02:16.3 Brittany Stone: There’s like an old version and a new version. Yes. Of course, because of who I am, I’m like, “What is going on?” [chuckle] So I had to figure it out.

0:02:23.9 Kiera Dent: I’m like, I can’t find this on Amazon. I couldn’t figure it out. So Britt, you intro in and explain why it has two different names. But this is this month’s book club, and I’m excited about it because it was a really fun book for us to read.

0:02:36.8 Brittany Stone: Yeah. So OG name is The Color Code by Taylor Hartman. So Color Code originally, and then he updated the version and then called it The People Code. So that’s, I believe, what happened. So that’s why I have the physical book, which is The Color Code, which is the original version. But I think content’s the same.

0:03:01.9 Kiera Dent: Okay. Because what’s odd, so Britt and I did an in-person event, and Britt, kudos to her, she’s a new home owner. And so I spent the day at her house, and I saw The Color Code on your desk. And no joke, it’s exactly what my mom had that I took when I was like itty bitty little ’cause she’s like, “Kiera, take this book.” And I’m like, I remember how this work. A is red, B is blue, C is white, and D is yellow. He wasn’t smart enough back then to shake these up into a pattern that you couldn’t figure out, and I definitely figured it out. I was like, okay, so if I do all As, I’m red. And if I do all Bs, I’m… [laughter] It’s like…


0:03:38.8 Kiera Dent: So I’m gonna skip the Bs ’cause I don’t want to be a blue. [laughter]

0:03:43.8 Brittany Stone: Hey there. Hey. [laughter]

0:03:47.1 Kiera Dent: This is why I have Britt do this one with us. So for those of you wanting to read it, I actually, like I said, it’s an OG book and I feel like DiSC follows it and Culture Index follows it, but I don’t know. This one, I think it was just a good old school read. And I think the reason I liked it is because, because it is old school I feel like politically correctness was like non-existent in this. And he laid thick on like, “This is who you are. This is why you suck. This is why you’re great. And any questions, don’t even bother asking.” That’s how I felt, but I don’t know how you felt. [laughter]

0:04:21.7 Brittany Stone: It’s pretty cut-throat. It’s pretty cut-throat. You read it and there’s like, there’s some, a little bit of flattery in there like the good of each color, but there’s a lot of like, “Ouch,” like he definitely cut deep on the reality of things.

0:04:35.9 Kiera Dent: He did.

0:04:36.4 Brittany Stone: So I felt the same way.

0:04:37.9 Kiera Dent: [chuckle] I was like, “Wow, I’m glad I’m a red,” because, shoot, a lot of those other colors, that’s a stressful thing, but not really. I mean, I think that that’s just me having the opinion and I fit true to the red color on that of thinking that I’m amazing when everyone else just got ripped to shreds. So all things…

0:04:55.8 Brittany Stone: When I’m like who really came out like, I feel like smelling the rosiest, I think yellows came out smelling the rosiest…

0:05:01.9 Kiera Dent: Well, yeah, because he’s a yellow and I’m like, “Of course you’re gonna write this of like… I think his exact phrase was something like, “The yellows are the frosting and sprinkles on the cake.” And I’m like, “All right, well, I’m glad you have high, high love of who you are as a person.” [laughter]

0:05:16.4 Brittany Stone: Right.

0:05:17.1 Kiera Dent: [laughter] But to give you guys some background on it, this book really is understanding people and understanding the way people think, understanding the way people act and operate, and getting to their deep motives, which I’m always a fan of. The more I know about people, the more I can speak to them in their preferred terms and their preferred model, the better I am as a leader and also knowing myself as a leader. So Britt, I don’t know if you want to dive into a quick synopsis of the red, the blue, the white, the yellow, for those of you who don’t know these colors and aren’t as familiar of what they mean. And then we’ll dive into some of our thoughts that you guys can then take for book club for your own thoughts.

0:05:55.4 Brittany Stone: Yeah, for sure. So it starts off with red. And I’m like, Kiera, because that is you, why don’t you give us a description of red? And then I can go through the rest of them.

0:06:04.2 Kiera Dent: Sure. So red, I think are your… I really actually loved his like the imagery. So red was fire. Blue was, I don’t remember. Sorry, Britt. Do you remember what blue?

0:06:14.7 Brittany Stone: Oh, I don’t remember what he described about the blue.

0:06:15.4 Kiera Dent: Well, white is water and yellow is like sunshine. So the blue, I don’t know, we’ll say the sky?

0:06:20.5 Brittany Stone: Earth.

0:06:21.0 Kiera Dent: Earth? There you go, good. [laughter]

0:06:21.7 Brittany Stone: Sky maybe? We’ll see.

0:06:24.3 Kiera Dent: But I like the imagery of the fire. We’re gonna say earth, water, and then sunshine, which to me, I’m very visual. So it was like red brings in the fire: They’re fun, they’re bold, they’re strong, they’re going to drive things sometimes a little recklessly. You think about a fire, either it can be contained in adding so much value to the room, or it can be a full-blown blaze and take over and destroy. And then you’ve got, like I said, I don’t… I should really look this up. I should have probably prepared. But the blue, Britt, I’m just going to go through because I’m gonna pull these colors. But the blue is more…

0:06:54.2 Brittany Stone: Okay, go for it.

0:06:55.9 Kiera Dent: You should actually do… I’ll skip to white and yellow. You’ll come back to blue.


0:07:00.0 Kiera Dent: The white with water is white is like that equalizer, the peacemakers. So they’re gonna flow into whichever category, making peace wherever they go. And then your yellow are your fun, the sunshine, the life, the vibrancy of life. And so me just… Clearly I only remember those three colors. Sorry about the blues.


0:07:19.6 Kiera Dent: But those help me at least see…

0:07:20.0 Brittany Stone: I think blue is… I think blue is… Did you say… Was one of them sky yet?

0:07:26.3 Kiera Dent: I felt like it was sky. Blue was sky.

0:07:28.9 Brittany Stone: Yeah. I think blue is sky.

0:07:30.8 Kiera Dent: And so you tell about blues, Britt, ’cause you’re more blue obviously than I am. So you go ahead on the blues.

0:07:37.0 Brittany Stone: Yeah, so your blues are describe as your do-gooders. They’re your moral compass people. They usually have a pretty strong moral compass within them and they live pretty, pretty strictly by that and they’ll fight for that moral compass. So they’re a little bit like similar to red. They’re like that driver piece but different drivers within them, whereas blues driven a little bit by the moral and they’re a little bit more of the emotional as well than your red is. So that’s a little bit about blue. They’re usually your perfectionists. They’re your loyal people. They have high expectations. They can be demanding sometimes, pretty self-disciplined. They can be self-sacrificing as well to get things done if there’s a greater purpose in mind. Our downside is that we could be that unforgiving or resentful. We can hold on to things a little bit sometimes. And because we’ve got that moral piece within us, we can also be a little self-righteous ’cause we’re like, well, we have the moral high ground. So we’re right. [laughter]

0:08:41.1 Kiera Dent: And I also thought something interesting with blues is how guilt-ridden blue personalities are, which for reds, don’t use that to your advantage and take advantage knowing they’re guilt-ridden. [laughter] When I read that I was like, “Hmm, interesting to note.” But just the thought of living by so much guilt in life, which I do know, I do run by guilt, I do have a decent amount of blue in me. But really I thought that was something so interesting by blues of how much guilt is in their life, and then also holding on to past things. Heaven forbid you cross a blue, you can just count it out for the next hundred years ’cause they’ll probably hold on to that one thing, which I also thought was interesting.

0:09:25.1 Kiera Dent: So one thing I loved, Britt, in the book was how he talked about like, “Let me lay this out of who you are in personality.” But I think so often people use personalities as weapons and like, “Well, this is who I am.” And I feel you said something, Britt, that I thought was so masterful when you said, “but there’s mature versions of these colors.” And I think that’s the opposite of weaponizing our personalities or saying, “Well, this is just who I am,” but really being mature within those colors. And so Britt, I don’t know if you want to highlight that or if you had other thoughts, but that to me was one of my favorite things that you and I had talked about with this book.

0:10:02.9 Brittany Stone: I think it’s easy when we start thinking about any sort of personality test whatsoever is like human nature is we can’t help, but compare and see where we fit in, right? So I think that’s just a natural thing that all of us do with these types of things, when in reality, there’s no best and there’s no worst. Usually we’ll think the ones that are like us are the best and the ones that are like most opposite of us are the worst ones, which isn’t reality. So I think it’s easy to do and easy to compare in that way. But really, truly realizing that I’m like all personalities are good. I’m a firm believer in like, we need some variety in life and variety and people help to make us a little bit more well-rounded, help us to better understand each other and just make us better humans in general.

0:10:48.0 Brittany Stone: So I think I preface it with that. And then the other piece of it is you could have any one of these colors and the most immature version of them where they have no concept of recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, reining in the things that are a tough impact on other people and leaning into those things and being their probably most selfish self and truly lean into like, “Well, I’m just gonna do all the things that naturally I want to do,” like no regard for anybody else or what any other personality might need or any other person might need from me. And that’s a very different human than, “Awesome, I understand who I am and how I function in the world, and I don’t have to compromise who I am, but I can be aware of how other people function and I can learn to meet in the middle,” right? And understand them, still be me, meet in the middle, but maybe not be that extreme version of me with someone who has a really hard time with that extreme version of me.

0:11:46.5 Kiera Dent: And I also think it was something interesting that I’ve been just piecing together of. If you’re self-aware enough, you can use this book to really master who you are. Because I actually think an amazing version like, yes, I love that I’m red and yellow and all those pieces like. But I think there’s so much goodness in blue and there’s so much goodness in white, and I think there’s evil sides to a red and to a blue and to a white and to a yellow. All of them have their bright side and their evil side. And so something else of like, you can tone it down and you can be very self-aware, and you can really master those necessarily not positive traits within your personality, but you’ve got to be super self-aware.

0:12:31.4 Kiera Dent: So something I just thought was interesting, a couple of highlights from the book. And then Britt, I want some of your highlights. Sales are your reds and your yellow personalities. So if you’re looking for someone for your treatment coordinator in your practice or potentially even an office manager, if you want someone for sales, you want to look for a red, yellow personality. Those are your drivers. Those are your fun people. They’re the ones that are connections. If you want someone for finance and details, you’re looking for your blues and your whites. So your detail-oriented blue and white, you’re more like outgoing personalities, red and yellow.

0:13:02.3 Kiera Dent: And then I love when they talked about the magic of motive. And so red is motivated by power. They need to be right and they can be bossy. That doesn’t mean you always have to have them be right, but just realize that that’s what they’re motivated by. So can you can you put them in positions that would really play to that? Blues are motivated by intimacy, so closeness, connection, relationships. They’re not going to give that freely. You can talk to Britt about that. To get Britt’s walls down, it’s like you got to take a sledgehammer and then like a hundred more… Britt has a lot of walls, but if you can get beyond that… And she’s truly driven by close-knit relationships of true… Knowing they’re genuine. White are driven by peace, and the yellows are driven by fun.

0:13:43.8 Kiera Dent: So [chuckle] I’m sure all of you can think about your teams. I literally sit here giggling thinking about like Shelbys are white personality, Tiffs are yellow personality. And I’m like, you throw all four of us in a bag. You’ve got Kiera who’s super driven, Britt who’s like, “Hold on.” Shelby is like, “Well, well, well, let’s just keep the peace.” And Tiff is like, “Let’s have a party!”


0:14:04.2 Kiera Dent: And yet that is literally what all of us are driven by. And we all are needed. And cute, Britt. I haven’t thought about this, but our core four leadership team, as we’ve been building Dental A Team, have all four of those colors sitting at the table, which I do think is a positive and a negative ’cause [chuckle] we all have our own agendas on it.


0:14:23.1 Brittany Stone: I would agree with that, for sure. And I think with that, recognizing how you can… The more people can function to their natural ability, the more productive they’re gonna be, right? It takes less energy for them than to try to be someone else or be something different. And I think that’s something to truly recognize and acknowledge here that it’s not that someone can’t do it, but they’re gonna be most successful when they align their position and their responsibilities with their personality, and they’re really gonna thrive.

0:14:52.7 Kiera Dent: Agreed. And I think it’s just a zone of use these books, rereading it as an adult from when I was a little kid and my mom was so excited. I remember taking a pencil, Britt, and filling in the boxes of like, “Which one am I most like?” Now there are more opportunities and we can have… We’ll even put in there a quick link. Britt found one that was way faster than the one I found for Jason. Notice the details, the right versus the like, “Meh, it’s good enough.” But I think it’s a really cool one to have your team read. And when we did this with our team, most of our team are blue. A lot of our consultants are blue. We have some yellow, some white, and then two reds in our group, which I don’t think is… Again, it doesn’t matter the color or makeup. It’s just like Britt said. For me, I took it as, “How can I put people in the right positions based on what they’re naturally good at?”

0:15:41.0 Kiera Dent: And then for me, really just like you said, I think how can I mature my color code, if you will, to just be a better person and not like… I know reds can be bossy. So making sure I slow that down. I’m not bossy. I’m not driven by that. It’s never gonna go away. I’ve got this internal natural knack to me. But like you said, maturing that, calming it down on the negative side, really listening to the tips. I was like, “Got it.” I need to show my feelings more to be more intimate, and truly taking a true assessment and moving on.

0:16:13.5 Kiera Dent: I remember my mom. My mom is a blue through and through and through. And I called her and I said, “Mom, no wonder you hate grandma.” I figured it out. “You hate grandma for some things she did to you when you were two years old or five years old.” I’m like, “You gotta go let that stuff go. There is no reason to hold on to that in your life because all it’s doing is making you suffer.” And it’s easy for me as a red ’cause it’s like come and go as it is, and my mom was like, “Yep, I know that.” But my mom’s still… My mom is one of the nicest people. She literally like blue definition to a [0:16:45.8] ____. She makes all of our events amazing. She makes our birthdays incredible. She is a magic moment person. She’ll remember all of our birthdays. She remembers all of our anniversaries, all of our holidays. My mom is so thoughtful. And so that’s her beautiful side to her, but I think a mature blue, you’ve got to let go of that guilt. You’ve got to forgive. You’ve got to move on to allow relationships to flourish.

0:17:07.6 Kiera Dent: Because it’s funny, I’m like blues are driven by intimacy, and holding on to resentment and guilt pushes intimacy away in close relationships. And same thing with reds, they control this power, but being bossy is gonna push people away from them. And whites require peace. That’s what they strive for, but they’re lazy, unmotivated, and don’t make decisions, which honestly creates pure chaos and the opposite of it. And yellows want fun, but they’re so disorganized and they forget things that oftentimes people are pushed away from their fun because they’re so sick of them only being self-centered, that they’re so self-centered and wanting fun that they push away all the friends.

0:17:43.0 Kiera Dent: So it’s interesting to see these motives and what we are driven by, but that our personalities can actually push the thing we seek the most away. And if you’re self-aware enough, you can actually bring what you crave the most in by maturing your personality. So Britt, that was my cherry on top of things. I totally take everything down. I think it’s like be aware of what I’m driven by and what am I doing to repel that so I can get more of that in my life.

0:18:09.1 Brittany Stone: Yeah. Agreed. Agreed. And I think also helping other people along the way too, right? I think that you’re gonna come across when you’re a mature color, you’re gonna start to be able to recognize things in other people and see why they’re functioning the way they are. And then I think you can help them start to recognize what’s driving them, why they’re functioning in a way. It makes you a little bit more empathetic. Here’s my blue coming out of me. It makes you a little bit more empathetic towards them to understand where they’re coming from. And as a leader, I think it helps you to guide them and grow them into one, just a more mature human, and two, probably into a more mature place within their position in what you need them to be responsible for.

0:18:53.6 Kiera Dent: For sure. I love Britt and I on this podcast so much.


0:19:00.0 Kiera Dent: We just had a very clear black and white, red personality and blue personality show up.


0:19:07.0 Kiera Dent: Kiera is like, “Cool, got it. This is how I need to change myself, make myself better and be a better person in this world.” And Britt’s like, “And this is how we can help more people.” [laughter] It’s so crazy how much we fall into these natural personalities. But I really do think… Kudos, Britt, agreed, because if you can see this as a way to enhance your team, to highlight people’s successes, also as leaders, to grow people. I can help Britt and say like, “Girl, [chuckle] you gotta let go of that self-righteous judge-y-ness.” And she can be like, “Girl, you gotta let go of that bossiness.” Just knowing that or enhancing it, I really think can make a team even more dynamic. But like Tiff sometimes, and shoot, she’ll listen to this. Biffy Tiff, I want her to hear this.


0:19:53.4 Kiera Dent: She knows that she’s disorganized, can be self-centered, forgets things. And so Tiff knows it. And so she’s got to find ways to fix that because at the end of the day, it’s true. I’m like, “Tiff, I can’t hear this excuse one more time.” Like, “I got it. You forget things. Find a way to remember them.” We’re in 2023. I don’t care what you gotta do like tattoo it on your arm if you need to, but there are solutions here. And for me, different personalities, different things, Shelby… “Shelby, I need you to make decisions. I know they’re hard for you. I just need you to come in and make a decision on this.” But Britt, my question is, to give the listeners a tip, how do you actually change personality and become more mature when that fights against everything internal? To tell Shelby to make a decision, that’s like going against her DNA. She’s like, “Are you kidding me? I’d rather not.” And Tiff like, “Are you kidding me? You want me to remember?” And for me like, “Are you kidding me? You want me to be less driven?” And for you, “Are you kidding me? You want me not to hold onto this?” How do you actually go beyond that when that feels like it goes against internal nature?

0:20:51.1 Brittany Stone: I know. I think that acknowledging the thing can take away some power of it once we know that it’s there, right? So for me, even just helping them be a little bit more aware of like, I understand with Tiff, the disorganization and Tiff tries… I give Tiff a lot of credit. I’m like, our team have a lot of mature colors. So they recognize it and they work with it, right? So it’s like if they recognize the thing and then we figure out ways to help you with the thing, or we recognize the thing and we know that it’s a hard thing for you but it’s not an impossible thing. And the more you do the hard thing, the easier it’s gonna get. And I think that’s how you can guide them to mature. It is recognize that it is a thing for them, right? And so saying like, “Oh, it’s not a big deal. I recognize it’s a tougher thing for you, so let’s figure out solutions.” And the more you practice it, the more you work at it, it will improve. It may not be the same as someone else, but you can grow as a person on your own level and improve to another level from where you started.

0:21:47.8 Kiera Dent: I appreciate that perspective a lot. I just think it… To me that feels like ownership of your personality, of me owning and not excusing because of personality. “I’m gonna own this, I’m gonna fix it, I’m going to be aware of this and find solutions rather than using this as an excuse for poor behavior.” And I just think, again, that’s maturity versus immaturity of your personality. And my suggestion is 1% better every single day, try to improve or take a focus of your personality from this book and focus on that, that month. “How can I be more of this or less of this?” And I think while staying in your color is brilliant, I really went through and I highlighted things from all the different personalities, and I want to pick pieces of each of them to start to bring into my own life. And I think that’s really where you do become that well-rounded person that can blend in the areas that can empathize with the others, and also guide and lead other people because you yourself have changed as well. So I thought it was a fun book. I thought it was a good oldie but goodie read. I don’t know if you had any other thoughts you wanted to wrap up with today, Britt?

0:23:02.1 Brittany Stone: No, I think that’s really… You hit the key points. I think it’s… If you want to understand people better, it’s definitely worth a read. There’s a lot of good information in there. To start one, understanding yourself and understanding others, and then agreed to apply it. It starts with you first, right? So if you’re not mature in your color, that’s where you need to start. And then you can use it to help other people grow and to communicate better and to motivate people better based on who they are.

0:23:31.0 Kiera Dent: Brilliant. So to take this and apply it for you guys, I would recommend, snag the book. I listened to it on Audible. Britt brought it. There is a quiz within. There’s also quite a few quizzes online. You could even have your team take it. There’s short summaries on there. You guys heard our summary here. The red, blue, yellow, white. DiSC, I think also applies to a lot. This one to me, which is a more deep, cut-throat, rip-the-band-aids-off, “let me just lay it out there of exactly what it is” version of personalities than other books that I’ve read as well. So whether you… It depends on how you like it. This one’s more, I think, very direct and very honest as opposed to one that’s more politically kind. And so just depending upon your flavor of reading, that would be…

0:24:18.2 Kiera Dent: And so if I was doing this in a book club, have my team read it, all of us take the personality thing, and then look to see, where are we really strong? Where can we grow? And maybe setting ourselves like a quarterly growth goal of, which one do we want to improve this quarter? So whatever you want to do, I just always think, end-all be-all, each of us should be striving to improve ourselves as people to become better employees, better owners, better teammates, better colleagues, better spouses, friends, siblings to just mature our color and our personality instead of using it as an excuse for lazy behavior.

0:24:54.0 Brittany Stone: Mm hmm.

0:24:55.4 Kiera Dent: All right. So take it on guys next month. Britt, what’s our book for next month’s book club?

0:25:00.9 Brittany Stone: Oh, good question. Give me two seconds. I’ll put you…


0:25:05.0 Kiera Dent: The next one’s a health one, and it’s gonna be different. And then December, just to give you guys, if you want to get ahead, December is going to be Ryan Holiday’s, The Obstacle Is the Way. So November is going to be, I believe it’s like Medium? Hold on. I’m pulling it up for you guys as well.

0:25:21.8 Brittany Stone: I got it, I got it, I got it. Don’t worry.

0:25:23.2 Kiera Dent: Medical Medium book club. Medical Medium by who, Britt?

0:25:27.6 Brittany Stone: Medical Medium, which is by Anthony William. And then November is The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday.

0:25:37.0 Kiera Dent: So there you guys have it. So go read them. November will be Medical Medium. December is The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday. This one was Color Code. If we can help you guys implement this, we do this all the time. Like DiSC profiling, different things like that with offices, helping you see who’s on your team, helping you maximize and just exponentially use your teammates better. Reach out [email protected]. Britt, thanks for being on the podcast today. I super appreciate you.

0:26:04.0 Brittany Stone: Hey, thanks for having me.

0:26:05.1 Kiera Dent: Of course. All right. For all of you listening, thank you for listening. I’ll catch you next time on the Dental A Team Podcast.


0:26:13.0 Kiera Dent: And that wraps it up for another episode of the Dental A Team Podcast. Thank you so much for listening. And we’ll talk to you next time.

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#864: Earn More & Work Less

Re-releasing one of DAT’s most popular episodes! Dr. Jesse Green is back on the podcast to share more real-life experiences of a dentist. In this episode, Dr. Green shares with Kiera how to move your practice from being profitable to scalable. He…

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#863: 3 Tips for Upping Your Internal Referral Game

Tiff and Dana are wrapping up their series of marketing-focused episodes. This week, they discuss internal referrals. They talk about three things to ramp up success with these referrals: Identify your why Know your patient avatar Bring a…

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#862: Getting Team Buy-in For a New Service

Brad Titensor with Dental Warranty is back already! This time, he and Kiera talk about getting your team excited about incorporating and utilizing a new service in the practice, including: steps for integration, goal-setting, building habits, and what…

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