With this bundle you will gain access to our most popular team training courses. Ongoing online training for schedulers, billers, treatment coordinators, hygienists, and office managers.


Hygiene Course

Dental Success Hygiene has collaborated with Registered Dental Hygienists from across the company with nearly three decades of experience to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your skills. 

Office Manager Course

This 6 week course was designed to keep an office running. During this 6 week course you will get training videos, quizzes for accountability, coaching, forms and ideas for your own office! During this 6 week course you will get training videos, team reporting, forms, quizzes for accountability, coaching AND ideas for your own office!

650 Page Opts. Manual

Make your life easy by using our fully DONE Operations Manual for your office! Each manual includes, 650 pages! Pre-made job descriptions, checklists, accountability agreements, and MORE. Full customization available!


Scheduling Course

You will come away with the confidence of knowing how to schedule an ideal day, how to maximize production and how to manage patient care time. We share our best tips and tricks to managing and filling your schedule while making a positive impact on the practice KPI's. 

Treatment Coordinator Course

Learn how to complete a written treatment plan. We walk you through how to present a treatment plan to a patient in a confident caring way. You will come away with a sense of confidence in talking about money and working through payment options. 


Billing Course

Learn how to work with new patients and their insurances. Learn why insurance breakdowns are important. We will teach you how to submit your claims including the dreaded appeals and denials

Meet Your Coaches

Kiera Dent

Kiera often sees offices struggling with accountability and keeping themselves on track, which often leads to a decrease in growth.

She believe there is great power in accountability with a coach willing to put in the hard work, create goals, and keep the needle moving forward.


Tiffanie Trader

Tiffanie has a passion for working with front and back office team members to help them gain skills, confidence and efficiency in the work they do. She loves tackling dental coaching opportunities that challenge her and  loves being a part of the transformation process. 



Bundle and Save over $1,400!

Take your team to the next level! With our online team training bundle each of your team members will have access to the tools they need to serve your patients at the highest level while becoming more efficient and goal oriented!

Join dental offices all over the country building their Dental A-Team!

Become a part of the Dental A-Team Revolution!


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