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We’ve been right there with you, lost and frustrated when it comes to the billing process. We have built this training to help walk you through all of the basics, and we will give you tips and tricks on how to bill and the entire PPO process.

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Billing coordinators play a crucial role in the functioning of a dental office. When your billing department isn’t running efficiently, you run into issues like a pile-up of unpaid or denied claims, dwindling cash flow, and a lack of accountability. These are the shortcomings we hear about every day, and we know just how to help. Our course is designed with these exact pitfalls in mind and more. We will help give your billing coordinators the confidence and skill to master the world of insurance and billing.

Are You Dealing With...

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Unpaid and denied claims.

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Lack of attention to unpaid claims.

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Lack of accountability.

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Low collection rates.

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Not knowing where to begin.

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Overall frustration.

Become an A-Team Biller

In this course, we teach claim creation, submissions, appeals, denials, insurance plan setups, collecting payments, and more. You will receive a downloadable workbook and resource guide, plus module quizzes throughout the course for added accountability and a consistent way to test your knowledge and track progress. We also provide checklists and forms that your billing team can utilize at your practice for tips and tricks that keep them on track.

Boost Efficiency with Strategic Billing Solutions

Start with a clean slate by investing not only in your team but in creating the right billing structures. Your billing coordinators will be equipped with the tools to create a streamlined billing department that ultimately improves office communication, patient experiences, and workday efficiencies. Purchase includes lifetime access to this course. All courses purchased from the Dental A Team are non-refundable.

Downloadable Workbook

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Pre-Made Checklists

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Earn 4 CE Hours with this Self-Guided Course

This online self-instructed course is structured into four comprehensive phases to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in the field. In Phase 1, you’ll get into gathering and entering information, covering fee schedules, collecting payments, documentation, and insurance verification. Phase 2 takes you through the intricacies of understanding insurance, including setup, coordination of benefits, primary and secondary insurance, and the overall flow of the process. Phase 3 is all about coding and claims, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of creation, submission, appeals, and handling denials. Finally, Phase 4 will guide you through entering payments on multiple systems, which includes decoding EOBs, making adjustments, and understanding coverage details. This comprehensive approach ensures you are well-prepared to excel in the field of billing.

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“At the summit, I went all in and became a Platinum client, and I am so thankful that I did. What I’ve learned from Dental A Team is that I, the owner of the practice, have to hold myself accountable and lead by example. That is something Tiffany has helped me with, for sure!”

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