065: This Dental Decision is MORE Important Than Who You Marry

Are you hungry for some Dental Nachos? Kiera virtually sits down with Paul Goodman and Ariel Meredith of Dental Nachos in this episode, and the group dives into the challenges facing new dentists when it comes to buying a practice. Dental school is four long years of good education, but there’s often a missing piece — learning how to actually buy a practice. Often recent grads will take the less scary routes of residency or associate positions because they don’t have the guidance they need.

Dental Nachos can help! Paul and Ariel share the coaching they offer when prospective practice owners call them with questions about where should they be looking, how to go about purchasing a practice, whether there’s anyone in the area looking to sell, examples of specific brokers, etc.

Plus, Paul shares what an ideal first practice looks like:

  • Over $700 K in collections
  • Five operatories or more
  • A solid team
  • The location is somewhere you might want to live for the next 25 years

More delicious nachos can be found at www.DentalNachos.com! And more delicious podcast episodes are hot and fresh at www.TheDentalATeam.com.




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