102: Don’t Cater to the World; Cater to Your Ideal Patient

Are you taking in a lot of new patients, but losing just as many? Kiera worked with some New Jersey offices recently on defining their avatars (or ideal patients). Who is your ideal patient? What does he/she look like? Like to do? Like to spend money on? Lifestyle choices? It’s time to create the type of person you want coming into your office — that will make marketing to the right person a lot easier.

Is your avatar Madison? Who enjoys spending time on social media and drinking coffee?

Charlie? Who doesn’t know or care what the heck Instagram is, but could certainly be looking for implant opportunities?

Or Izzy, the cool hipster who’s involved in yoga and spends time at coffee shops?

Your first assignment is to gather as a team and figure out your office’s avatar (and if you have multiple locations, they very likely may have different ones). List his/her pain points and find ways your office can adapt to address those points. Parking an issue? Rent parking spaces or figure out an Uber deal. Not open late enough? Add hygiene hours later in the day.

If you’re not changing, your business is going to die.

Don’t die. Learn more at www.TheDentalATeam.com.



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