103: Is your “Doctor Type” Costing You? (Part One)

Kiera breaks down the different types of doctors! We’ve gotten this request of how can we tell our doctors when they are educating too much and talking patients out of treatment? Or how do we tell them they aren’t diagnosing and the patient would say yes? Grab your pen and paper and take the test to see WHO you are! TCs, OMs, all positions— this is for you too! Knowledge is power when used appropriately.

  • The Over-Educator
  • The Over-Diagnoser
  • The Under-Diagnoser
  • The Cost-Prohibitor/Insurance Lover
  • The People-Pleaser

Classify yourself in this episode, then tune in to the next episode about how to overcome these tendencies! Having trouble figuring out where you fall? Ask a team member. Keep an eye out for future episodes at www.TheDentalATeam.com!



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