145: Breaking Down Bonuses- Do They Actually Work?

Kiera is car-casting! Join her for her drive as she talks about bonuses, something she gets asked about ~a ton~. Do bonuses actually work? What’s the best way to implement them, etc. First up, do NOT make a bonus some unattainable prize; make it something someone can get when they go above and beyond their duties. Creating a bonus as a ratio means it’s forever making your team work harder at being better.

At a loss of what to do? Have no fear. Kiera discusses her ideas for setting up a bonus system, what to avoid, and even the math behind it all. To name a few...

  1. Be sure your practice is in profitable mode
  2. See how much your bonus should be based on profit numbers
  3. Implement plan but let team know expectations

Bonuses should be fun and a celebration of success! Don’t forget that. More at www.TheDentalATeam.com.




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